10 Interesting Ideas for Themed Stamp Collections

Posted by Annette Raffan on

"But I don't know what I want to collect?"

Well, there are probably many of us who don't have that problem (everything - comes to mind..) But perhaps you're just starting out and feel a little over whelmed by the variety of stamps on offer. So I've written a handy list of 10 ideas to help you feel inspired to start your own collection:

  1. Dinosaurs or unicorns or dragons - challenging but will make a pretty awesome collection.
  2. A colour, or maybe a page in each colour ending in a rainbow! Why not get an 8-page stock book and fill the pages with a ROYGBIV collection?
  3. Bananas, or pineapples - why not? Why not go for a fruit salad. How many different types of fruits can you find?
  4. The year you were born, or perhaps the monthly issue?
  5. Postage-related ephemera - hey, we love everything postal right? Doesn't have to be stamps!
  6. A random country no has ever heard of. Or one that no longer exists.
  7. Stamps with postage marks from where you live.
  8. We love comic-book and cartoon inspired stamps here at ARC Philatelics, why not start your own stampy comic book? Find out about how to really personalise your collection in our Inspiration pages - it's what we're all about!!
  9. Make your own fishy aquarium with all the fish and plants without any of the maintenance...
  10. Challenge yourself to make a mini book of the cutest stamps...ever. Kittens anyone?

Phew - that's just a phew (sorry)! Let me know what you collect in the comments below. We're always looking for inspiring collections to feature in the future.

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